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ReiThe Jewel Karate Group is a series of karate clubs which give training and instruction in a style of Karate known as Wado-Kai. We run several junior and senior classes in the towns and villages of the Lothian area of Scotland. We teach competition style of Wado Kai Karate. In the syllabus and under the direction of the Scottish Karate-Do Federation


New to Karate


The Jewel Karate Group advertises introductory and beginner's classes in karate at regular intervals throughout the year.  If you have seen our promotional material or have an interest and need more information, then to find out more information about our clubs or our style of karate then please click on the New To Karate link


Venue             -        Musselburgh East Community Centre

Dates              -        Monday   -   Junior     -     Time 6:30 - 7:30pm

Dates              -                      -   Senior     -     Time 7:30 - 8:30pm

Cost                -        £16 per month

Contact           -        Alex Rorrison

                       -        07552 128981

                       -        Musselburgh East Community Association Office on 0131 665 7332

                       -        Musselburgh East Community Association Office at


This page is still currently under construction,  We hope to complete it soon.

If you need more information please email us, it's no trouble for us to get back to you.

Check back soon to find out what is going on at the centre and across Musselburgh East.

eMail the MECA office at or phone on 0131 665 7332